Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the iHerb Rewards Program?

Why is My Rewards account paused or blocked?

Why am I not receiving any Rewards related communication?

Rewards Credit

Where can I see how much Rewards Credit that I have earned?

How long does it take for Rewards Credits to become available and usable?

When do Rewards Credits expire?

What do the terms “Available,” “Pending,” “Requested,” “Complete” and “Cancelled” mean in relation to Rewards Credits?


How are Rewards Credits earned through referral purchases calculated?

Where can I promote my Rewards Link or Code?

How do I share offers that have a promo code with my Rewards Link or Code?

How long is the cookie period for sharing with Rewards Link?

Reviews & Answers

Are reviews that have earned Rewards Credit trustworthy? Will I get paid for negative but helpful reviews as well?

How much do I earn per review?

How much do I earn per answer?

Why is there a discrepancy between my earnings and the number of helpful votes I received?


How do I cash out my Rewards Credits?

Where is my payment?

How do I activate my account on Hyperwallet?

What is “Extra ID”, “Extra Identification” or “Additional IN”?

What if my country is not supported by Hyperwallet?

Why did my funds get automatically cashed out at the end of the month?

Can I cancel a cash out request if I change my mind?

Will I have to pay taxes on my Rewards Credits that have been cashed out?

How are US tax obligations handled with Rewards Credits?

Can I redeem my Rewards Credits on a prepaid card?