Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What is the Rewards Program?

    The Rewards program is designed to give customers a tool to refer friends and family while earning Rewards credit for referring orders. You earn Rewards credit by referring customers through your custom Rewards link or Rewards code via email, social media, or word of mouth. When they purchase using your Rewards code, you earn Rewards credits that can be used towards products at,, or cashed out when you earn $300 or more.

  • How do I use Rewards Credits to shop at iHerb and Love Letter?

    The first step is to accept the Terms of Use Once you have accepted that, continue shopping as you normally would. Your Rewards credit will automatically apply to your order in your shopping cart.

  • Why am I not able to use my Available Rewards Credit?

    You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions to access your Rewards credit.

  • My Rewards code is paused or blocked

    Your code may be paused or blocked when violations have been found related to your account. Reasons for such actions include inserting your Rewards code in your product reviews, using paid search to bid on our Trademark term, reciprocal referring, domain violations, username violations, and more. For full details on prohibited activities, please visit our Terms of Use.

    Paused accounts are ineligible to give a discount and earn Rewards credit. Any pending credit will be made unavailable until your account is unpaused.

    Blocked accounts are ineligible to give a discount and earn Rewards credit. Any pending and available Rewards credits will be zeroed out.

  • Is there a limit to how many Rewards I can earn?

    There is no limit to the amount of Rewards that can be earned under the program.

  • Can my Rewards account be closed?

    Yes, iHerb reserves the right to terminate any iHerb or Love Letter Rewards account according to the Terms and Conditions, including terminating the program at any time, and at our sole discretion.

Rewards Promotion and Referral Tracking

  • How can I share my Rewards Code?

    You can share your Rewards Code in a number of ways.
    • Go to your favorite product, category page, or create a shopping cart of your favorite products. Next, click on the share button on the top-right corner to share your custom Rewards links of these pages with others.
    • To share your previous orders. Go to your Order History and click on the share button by each order to share your orders with others.
  • How is the sale attributed?

    In the industry, this is referred to as "last click" and is the most common form of attributing sales. Your Rewards code must be in the URL you share to properly attribute the order to you or your Rewards code must be entered last before checkout.

  • As a first-time customer, can I edit the referring Rewards Code before placing my order?

    Yes. Manually remove the Rewards Code that is currently saved in the shopping cart or click on a custom Rewards link before completing the order. In such cases, the initial Rewards Code would be replaced with the other Rewards Code.

  • How can I promote my code?

    The iHerb and Love Letter Rewards program is a customer referral program to share with friends and family. Posting your Rewards code on coupon sites or using paid search to increase your referrals is prohibited.

Rewards Credit

  • How long does it take for credits to appear?

    We generally apply credits to accounts 30 days following the transaction date. This time is necessary to account for canceled orders, chargebacks, returned products or other related issues.

  • When do Rewards credits expire?

    Rewards credits expire 180 days after the credits have been applied to your account.

  • What do Available, Pending, Used and Cancelled mean in relation to credits?

    Available - The amount based on transactions that have been approved (completed). Available credits may be applied toward purchases.

    Used - Amounts that have already been used for purchases.

    Pending - Transaction amounts that have been reported and are awaiting approval. Approval typically takes about 30 days and after this time, "pending" credits from completed orders become "available" credits.

    Cancelled - Orders that were not completed. You may see "cancelled credit" when a customer clicks on your Rewards link and places an order, but later returns or refuses the order. Your account is adjusted accordingly.

  • How do I cash out my Rewards?

    You can cash out your Rewards when you have at least $300 of Available Rewards at the end of a given month. Reward amounts below $300 are rolled over to next month, subject to the Terms of Use Agreement.

    At the moment, checks and ACH payments are our only payments options.

    In order to redeem your Rewards Credit for cash, follow these steps:

    1. Enter your address on the Rewards Payment page at least 5 business days before the end of the month. Rewards cash out occurs once a month, at the beginning of the month. Your Rewards account will not be cashed out if your information is not submitted by the deadline.

    2. Select your payment preference. As an iHerb Rewards Member, you have the following convenient options to receive your Rewards:

    International Rewards Payments Options
    Payment Preference
      Wire Transfer Check sent via DHL Express
    Delivery Time 1 – 7 business days 5 – 10 business days in most countries
    Method Sent to your bank Sent to your Rewards Member Address
    For Your Information Easy to set up Check must be deposited locally
    Fee $10 $25
    Domestic Rewards Payment Options (United States only)
    Payment Preference
      Wire Transfer Check sent via U.S.P.S
    Delivery Time 1 – 7 business days 3 – 7 business days
    Method Sent to your bank Sent to your Rewards Member Address
    For Your Information Easy to set up Check must be deposited locally
    Fee $10 $0
  • Please note that a $25 reprocessing fee for returned wires and a $31 reprocessing fee for outstanding/lost checks will apply.

    Where is my payment?

    The following information is required in order to cash out your Rewards credits.

    1. Completely filled out Rewards Payment information.

    2. Your current tax form if you have earned over $600 in a calendar year. This is required for all countries.

    Cashouts are processed the beginning of every month. We aim to get your payment delivered as quick as possible. However, please allow up to 30 days for your payment to be delivered.

  • Why do I have an “Unusable Due to Limit” status in my Rewards account?

    When you make over $600 per calendar year, we are required by law to acquire your tax information.

    Your Rewards credit will be released for use after you have submitted your tax information.

    This information is used for IRS reporting purposes only. iHerb will never share your information with any third party for any purpose other than identity verification. We are not liable for any expired Rewards Credit due to the existence of the “Unusable Due to Limit” status. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Submit the required tax form using the table below to [email protected].

    Are you a United States citizen or resident? Do you have a business that is taxable in the United States? Are you a business? Complete and send this form to
    the iHerb Rewards Team.
    Yes Yes/No Yes/No Form W-9 | Instructions
    No Yes Yes Form W-8ECI | Instructions
    No No No Form W-8BEN | Instructions
    No No Yes Form W-8BEN-E | Instructions