Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What is the iHerb Rewards Program?

    The iHerb Rewards program (“Rewards Program”) is designed to give customers (including but not limited to influencers, bloggers and individual shopper) a tool to refer friends and family while earning Rewards credits (“Rewards Credits”) for referring orders. You earn Rewards Credit by referring customers through Your custom Rewards Link via email, social media, or Your blog. Your referrals must complete their purchase within seven (7) days of the initial click of Your Rewards Link. A referred customer can also enter Your Rewards Code upon checkout. You will then earn Rewards Credits that can be used towards products at, or cashed out when You earn one hundred dollars ($100) or more.

    If you are a publisher (including but not limited to coupon sites, deal sites, cashback sites, content sites, online shopping comparison tool, etc.), please refer to our iHerb Affiliate Program page to learn more and apply.

  • Can I participate in iHerb Rewards Program if I am a publisher or a business?

    No, the iHerb Rewards program is designed for customers. If you are a publisher or business (including but not limited to coupon sites, deal sites, cashback sites, content sites, online shopping comparison tool, etc.), you’d be perfect for our global iHerb Affiliate Program. You will be able to earn a commission for every sale you generate promoting iHerb while giving you access to robust reporting and tracking capabilities. To learn more and apply, please check out our iHerb Affiliate Program.

  • How do I get my own Rewards Link or Code to share with others?

    iHerb Rewards Program is only for iHerb customers who have shopped at at least once. After You have completed your first purchase, You can access Your unique Rewards Link or Rewards Code in My Account under Rewards Overview. You can also access your unique Rewards Link through any share icons, , around the site.

  • Why am I not able to use my Available Rewards Credits?

    You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions to access your Rewards Credits once they are posted to Your account.

  • Why is My Rewards account paused or blocked?

    Your account may be paused or blocked when violations have been found related to Your account. Reasons for such actions may include, but are not limited to: inserting Your Rewards Link or Rewards Code in Your product reviews, using paid search to bid on iHerb’s trademark term, reciprocal referring, domain violations, username violations, and more. For additional details on prohibited activities, please visit the Terms of Use. If Your account is paused, You will be ineligible to give a discount and earn Rewards Credits. Any pending Rewards Credits accrued while Your account was paused, will be made unavailable until Your account is reinstated. If Your account is blocked, You will be ineligible to give a discount and earn Rewards Credits. Any pending and available Rewards Credits will be zeroed out.

  • Is there a limit to how many Rewards Credits I can earn?

    There is no limit to the amount of Rewards Credits that can be earned under the Rewards Program.

  • Why am I not receiving any Rewards related communication?

    To receive rewards related communications, (including but not limited to Rewards Credit earning notifications, monthly Rewards Credit summary, expiring Rewards Credit notifications, etc.), please make sure you have checked the “My Reward” box on our Communication Preferences page. This allows you to receive all the latest updates regarding our Rewards Program and any updates made to your Rewards account.

  • Can my Rewards account be closed?

    Yes, iHerb reserves the right to terminate any account according to the Terms of Use, including terminating the Rewards Program at any time, and in iHerb’s absolute and sole discretion.

Rewards Promotion and Referral Tracking

  • How can I earn Rewards Credit?

    You earn Rewards Credit when your friends or family completes their purchase using your Rewards Link or manually enter your Rewards Code at checkout. iHerb makes it easy for you to share your Rewards Link or Rewards Code. While Rewards link is preferred given the ease of use from Your referrals not having to recall or enter Your code, You can also have the option to share your 6-7 digits Rewards Code for them to enter it at checkout.

    Your earned Rewards Credits will go through a pending period of 35 days following an eligible transaction before becoming available for use. This time period is necessary to address canceled orders, cashback issues, returned products or other related issues.

  • How is the sale attributed?

    iHerb uses the "last click" method, which is the most common form of attributing sales. To earn Rewards Credits, an order must first be properly attributed to You. To ensure that it is, a referred customer must click through using Your Rewards Link and not click on any other Rewards Link prior to making a purchase.

  • How long is the cookie period?

    Orders will be tracked for seven (7) days from when Your Rewards Link was clicked. After that time, the cookies will be deleted if no purchase has been made.

  • How can I promote my Rewards Link or Code?

    The Rewards Program can be shared with friends and family through Your own email, social media accounts, personal blog, or word of mouth. Posting Your Rewards Link or Rewards Code on iHerb sites, iHerb social media channels and a third party's site (including but not limited to deal or coupon sites, review sites, marketplace, etc.) to generate a referral is strictly prohibited. Using paid channels (including but not limited to paid search, display ads, social targeting etc.) to promote Your Rewards Link or Code is also strictly prohibited.

    iHerb reserves the right to pause or block Your account including modifying or adjusting any amount of Rewards Credits You may have earned, if fraudulent activity or abuse is detected or suspected. iHerb is not responsible for any content You choose to post on Your personal accounts. If You post any promotional content that includes Your Rewards Link or Rewards Code, You must also ensure that all materials comply with all applicable legal requirements, including any disclosure requirements that may be required in Your respective country.

Rewards Credit

  • How are Rewards Credits calculated?

    When Your friends or Your family makes a qualifying purchase through Your Rewards Link or manually enters your Rewards Code at checkout, You will earn five US Dollars ($5 USD) in Rewards Credits for each of their orders. Of course, be on the lookout for other great Rewards offers, like Super Rewards that iHerb may run periodically.

    Our newly revamped Super Rewards offer allows you to earn an additional 10% commission on any Herb Brand products. This means you can earn more than $5 Rewards Credit on every referral purchase made. For example, if your friend made a $100 purchase when shopping via your Rewards link and $50 of your friend’s order is Herb Brand products, you will get $5 from that referral purchase + an additional $5 (10% of the $50) from the Super Rewards offer.

  • How long does it take for Rewards Credits to become available and usable?

    iHerb generally applies Rewards Credits to accounts thirty-five (35) days following the transaction date. This time period is necessary to properly account for any applicable cancelled orders, chargebacks, returned products, or other related issues.

  • When do Rewards Credits expire?

    Rewards Credits expire one hundred-eighty (180) days after the Rewards Credits have been applied to Your account. The one hundred-eighty (180) day expiration period resets every time You earn Rewards Credits or use Your accumulated Rewards Credits towards a future purchase.

  • What do the terms “Available,” “Pending,” “Used,” and “Cancelled” mean in relation to Rewards Credits?

    Available - The amount based on transactions that have been approved (i.e., completed). Available credits may be applied toward purchases or redeemed.

    Used - Amounts that have already been used for purchases or redeemed.

    Pending - An amount of Rewards Credits that has been reported and is awaiting approval. Approval typically takes up to thirty-five (35) days. After this time, "pending" credits from completed orders become "available" credits.

    Cancelled - Orders by referred customers that were not completed. You may see "cancelled credit" when a customer clicks on Your Rewards Link or enters Your Rewards Code and places an order, but later returns or refuses the order. Your account will be adjusted accordingly.

  • How do I cash out my Rewards Credits?

    You can cash out your Rewards Credit when you have at least $100 of Available Rewards Credit. Rewards Credit balances that are below $100 are rolled over to next month or can be used towards a product purchase, subject to the Terms of Use. If you cash out your Rewards Credit, you are responsible for paying any applicable taxes.

    To redeem Your Rewards Credits, iHerb offers a variety of different payment options based on Your country, including payment through iHerb’s partnership with Hyperwallet (powered by PayPal), pending support in Your country.

    Once You accumulate an eligible amount of Rewards Credits, You can redeem them for cash. Doing so is simple, just follow these steps:

    1. Select “Cash Out” on Your Rewards Overview Page.

    2. Confirm Your name, email address, and remember Your Rewards Code to activate Your account with Hyperwallet. Your Rewards Code can be found on the “My Account Dashboard” page. You will also be reminded of Your Rewards Code during the Hyperwallet registration process.

    3. iHerb will conduct an internal security check to ensure compliance with the Terms of Use.

    4. Once the security check has been cleared, an email will be sent from Hyperwallet (powered by PayPal) with instructions on how to sign up for an account, access Your Rewards Credit funds, and select Your preferred payment method to be paid out.

    Moving forward, so long as You are eligible, You can sign into your Hyperwallet account at any time and request payout, or You can wait until the end of the month for the automatic payout process to occur.

    Questions regarding how to cash out and withdraw Rewards Credits fund can be found here.

  • Where is my payment?

    The first step is to confirm that You have activated Your account successfully on Hyperwallet. You will receive an email from Hyperwallet with detailed instructions on how to activate Your account and access Your Rewards Credits.

    iHerb aim to get Your payment delivered as quick as possible. However, please allow up to fifteen (15) business days for Your payment to be delivered, and up to thirty (30) business days if You are located in a country that does not support Hyperwallet.

    You can track payments and transfers via Hyperwallet’s portal. Questions regarding fund withdrawal, tracking, and payment transfers can be found here.

  • Why did my funds get automatically cashed out at the end of the month?

    You have the option to opt out of automatic monthly cash outs if You choose. If You have cashed out with iHerb prior to Hyperwallet, automatic monthly cash outs are set by default on for Your account. You may change that setting via the “Toggle” button at any time on the Rewards Overview page.

  • Will I have to pay taxes on my Rewards Credits that have been cashed out?

    It is Your responsibility to determine what taxes apply to the payments You receive, and it is Your responsibility to collect, report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. iHerb is not responsible for determining what taxes apply to Your Rewards Credit cash out payments, or for collecting, reporting, or remitting any taxes arising from that cash out payment. Note that it is Your responsibility to understand and adhere to the appropriate tax rules; iHerb is unable to provide You with personal tax advice.

  • Does iHerb withhold taxes from cash out payments?

    iHerb does not withhold any taxes from Reward Credit cash out payments.

  • How are US tax obligations handled with Rewards Credits?

    When You create an account with iHerb’s partner, Hyperwallet (powered by PayPal), a tax form will automatically be created for You (e.g., W-9, W-8 BEN, etc.)

    This information is used for IRS reporting purposes only. iHerb will never share Your information with any third party for any purpose other than identity verification. See the Terms of Use for more information.

  • How do I activate my account on Hyperwallet?

    Locate the email from Hyperwallet and remember to use Your Rewards Code to activate Your account. Your Rewards Code can be found on the “My Account Dashboard” page. You will also be reminded of Your Rewards Code during the Hyperwallet registration process. Additional Q&A can be found at Hyperwallet’s portal here.

  • What if my country is not supported by Hyperwallet?

    At this time, Hyperwallet is not supported in Belarus, Lebanon, Cape Verde, Zimbabwe, and Yemen. If You have more than one hundred dollars ($100) in Rewards Credits You are still eligible to cash out. Send Your payment address, bank account and routing number, and tax forms (W-8 BEN for individuals, W-8 BEN-E for businesses) to [email protected].

    Once Your payment information is received, You will automatically be cashed out at the end of each month via wire transfer and a processing fee will be deducted from Your total. Notify iHerb if Your banking information changes to avoid incurring additional fees. If You have cashed out Rewards Credits in the past, You will continue to be cashed out at the end of each month. It may take up to thirty (30) business days for You to receive your payment.

  • Can I redeem my Rewards Credits on a prepaid card?

    Yes, You can. For additional information regarding the iHerb Cashout Prepaid Card, please visit the Hyperwallet portal for more information.

  • Can I cancel a cash out request if I change my mind?

    You can request to cancel a cash out by contacting our customer service team. However, we only offer cancellations during a short processing period before your request is sent to Hyperwallet. In most cases, if you request a cancellation prior to 9am on any Friday, we should be able to accommodate.